pod617 – The Boston Podcast Network

The teaching profession is full of brilliant, dedicated, passionate people. Meet some of them in an easy new format: a podcast that you can download and listen to anytime, anywhere! This podcast is a place to hear inspiring stories of educators who have solved problems, led change, and brought their great ideas to life--in their own words!

Each episode is about 30 minutes long and includes an interview with a MA educator (or educator team) doing something awesome. It also features a few callers from our "storyline"--where educators (like you!) call in to share funny, inspiring, humiliating moments from their day-to-day lives in their schools.

You will find new episodes of the podcast wherever you usually find your podcasts, as well as on our website every Tuesday for 6 weeks starting on November 12th.

Learn more about the Teacher Collaborative by visiting our website: www.theteachercollaborative.org

P.S. Do you have a classroom moment you'd like to share? Call us at 617-982-3979 and leave a message with your story--something funny, inspiring, brilliant, frustrating, heartbreaking or even embarrassing. This is the place to (anonymously) share those real classroom moments with those who will appreciate them the most: other educators!